Book Blog Tour: First Stop - Podcast with Rebecca Wong and Barb Suárez



Elly kicks off her book blog tour for her new edition of Becoming Us with a much awaited podcast hosted by Rebecca Wong and in the company of Becoming Us mentor Barb Suárez.

With the kind permission of Rebecca, Elly is posting their podcast interview together with Rebecca’s blog right here on Elly’s blog too!

In this episode; Elly, Barb and Rebecca discuss:

  • How the 8 stages of Becoming Us™ prepare parents for the normal challenges and changes of becoming a family.

  • Debunk the notion that nothing can prepare people for parenthood and we talk about what can.

  • How we're setting expectant and new parents up for failure.

  • Statics show that 92% of couples report increased conflict and differences on the other side of having a baby yet most couples think something is wrong with them!

  • Reframing expectations around how to prepare parents for parenthood and becoming a family.

  • How significant the first 3-5 years of a child’s life are and why.

  • What a secure attachment bond is and how to create that with your child, and how parents are biologically primed to be more securely bonded as a couple as they become parents.

  • The Becoming Us™ model harnesses the neurological changes that primes parents for bonding with the baby to create an opportunity for couples to more deeply bond with each other. The model also helps parents learn skills that will help them as they cycle through each transitional stage of life to come.

  • We break down the 8 stages of Becoming Us™: preparing parents for parenthood, building a nest, managing expectations, setting up base camp, embracing emotions, identity and self-esteem, navigating differences and repair, and intimacy

  • Real life expectations we may have of becoming new parent and how to manage them.

  • Getting support through your community instead of the “system” and why that’s important.

  • Learn the difference between “visitors” vs “helpers” as a new parent.

  • Defining self-care as it directly relates for you, your parenting and your relationship with your partner.

  • How becoming a new family/parent(s) can affect your self-esteem and balance of power in your relationship.

AND finally,

  • Seed planting brings expectations in line with reality. Elly’s vision is to help professionals who work with expecting or new parents to plant seeds and create community to help parents reset their expectation of new normal.

Listen to the entire episode to discover your own valuable insights and understanding on this topic and share it with loved ones!

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