Becoming Us is changing the way parents prepare for parenthood.

For mamas. For papas. For babies. For families.

For professionals who support parents.

For our communities. For the world.

Becoming parents is a time of abundant joy, love and wonder - and also some stresses, strains and growing pains for parents. There are normal and common life changes and new relationship challenges that parents just aren’t being prepared for. Becoming Us breaks the overwhelming transitions of pregnancy and the first few years of parenthood down into more manageable stages. Each stage prepares and guides mothers, fathers and partners through the sometimes rocky terrain of new parenthood and puts them on the path to growing a family that thrives.

Becoming Us™ is based on over 20 years of professional practice, research, training, restless nights and heart-led journeying. Meet our Founder, Elly Taylor, the heart, mind and human behind the Becoming Us™ vision and mission.

Becoming Us is REAL preparation for parenthood. It’s for parents who want to know the skills and direction needed to navigate the parenthood adventure and how to support their partner along the way, so they’re both ready and able to provide their baby with the absolute best beginning. It’s also for already-parents who want to find their way - back to themselves, back to their partner and into their family’s future, hand-in-hand.

If you’re a professional who works with expecting or new parents, you might like to know more. At it’s heart, Becoming Us™ is a groundbreaking 8 stage relationship-developmental theoretical and clinical approach to parenthood which can be used with individuals, couples or in groups. What’s under the hood? The Becoming Us™ model is an integration of developmental psychology, adult attachment theory, major international studies and evidence based applications to the transitions of parenthood. The model is designed to prepare, guide and support parents to navigate the complexities of pregnancy, birth and early parenthood, while at the same time nurturing the relationship they have with themselves, their partner, parents, friends, family and community.

We have taken decades of research, the wisdom of our elders and the experiences of millions of parents and distilled this vital information to make it accessible, easy (and fun!) for professionals to deliver to parents. We have a parenthood survival guide for expecting, new and not-so-new parents and Parenthood Tour Guide training for professionals. Discover more here.

Want to know about the Becoming Us™ stages of the parenthood adventure? Click on the video below.


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