In beautiful Fort Lauderdale for the Doulas of North America Conference, 2018

In beautiful Fort Lauderdale for the Doulas of North America Conference, 2018

Hi there, I'm Elly Taylor, author and founder of Becoming Us. Can I share something very personal with you..?

As a Relationship Counsellor and a new mother at the same time, I was surprised to discover that while people will tell you that the first year of marriage is hard, what they don't say is that the first year of parenthood is even harder on your relationship. There are many joys and beautiful moments - but tougher times too.

So I began researching. And was shocked to discover a whopping 92% of parents report increased disagreements with their partner in their first year of family and 67% are less happy in their relationship. Relationship concerns are one of the leading causes of anxiety or depression in pregnancy and early parenthood – affecting as many as 1 in 3 mothers and 1 in 5 dads. This is true for same-sex couples too.

Clearly, we need to start preparing and resourcing parents for this challenge of parenthood. And I think I can help with this. Because if I’ve learned anything over the past 20 years or so, it’s this:

Partners can grow closer through parenthood, instead of growing apart:

becoming a new, wider, stronger, deeper version of “us”.

Parenthood is a turning point for a couple. And partners can turn towards each other. Parents can have knowledge, skills and support for the normal and common challenges of parenthood so they can face them head on, hand-in-hand. This is why I wrote Becoming Us. Preparing and supporting parents for the gnarlier, grittier parts of parenthood - so they can enjoy the joys even more - is my passion and our Becoming Us mission.

I have been honoured to present the Becoming Us whole family approach to parenthood at national and international conferences (see below), serve on research advisory panels for Monash University, Newcastle University and the Australian Catholic University, contribute to the COPE website, and on the advisory board of the new International Forum for Wellbeing in Pregnancy. My favourite thing these days (family aside) is travelling and sharing the life-changing benefits of Becoming Us with parents and professionals all over the world.

I hope to meet you somewhere some day!

When I sat in your lecture at Sydney Adventist Hospital, I realised I was listening to a 21st century pioneer.
— Owen Robinson, Clinical Social Worker/Supervisor, Perth

Elly has presented the Becoming Us whole-family approach to parenthood at the following conferences and events. For upcoming events please see this page.


Postpartum Support International Conference, Portland OR
Keynote Speaker, CAPPA Conference, Atlanta, GA
Becoming Us Seed Planting Workshop, Los Angeles
Becoming Us Seed Planting Workshop, San Diego
Becoming Us Seed Planting Workshop, Denver
Becoming Us Level I Training, Chicago
Becoming Us Seed Planting Worksop, New York City

National Mens Health Gathering, Sydney
Parenting 2.0, Sydney
Parents Today Conference, Riga, Latvia
Perinatal Mental Health Summit, London
NHS Mental Health Day, Portsmouth, UK
Becoming Us Seed Planting Workshop, The Family Institute at Northwestern University, Chicago
Becoming Us Seed Planting Workshop, Brown University, Rhode Island
Becoming Us Seed Planting Workshop, The Motherhood Center, NYC
DONA Conference, Fort Lauderdale

Becoming Us Level I Professional Development Training, Northwest Area Childbirth Educators Forum, Portland, Oregon

Marce Australasia, Adelaide
The Mother Conference, Sydney
Keeping Motherhood Real, Sydney

Postpartum Support International Conference, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Joint PACFA/AARC/AASW Conference, Sydney
Parenting 2.0, Dublin, Ireland
Birthlight Conference, Cambridge, UK