It all started when…


In 2011 the first edition of Becoming Us is published by Harper Collins in Australia and New Zealand. Elly becomes known as a relationship and parenthood expert and starts writing a column in Australia’s #1 parenting magazine, Practical Parenting.

In 2014 Elly presents Becoming Us at conferences in Australia, the USA and the UK, and is inundated by helping professionals wanting to learn more about her work, insights and ground-breaking approach.

In 2015 Becoming Us Professional Online Training is launched with 40 brave early adopters embarking on 14 sessions of online and live video training, culminating in a video call for our “Village Elder closing ceremony”. Each graduate was asked to choose an object that represented their Becoming Us training journey. One of our Elders bowing with real set of deer antlers is especially memorable (no deers were harmed in this, they shed their antlers naturally)!

In 2016 our very first Becoming Us Certified Facilitator pilots our Becoming Us Before Baby class for expecting parents through Legacy Hospital in Portland, Oregon. Originally scheduled for one year, the Becoming Us classes prove so popular they ended up running for almost three years and are expanded into a Becoming Us After Baby class for new parents - and a new private practice for our passionate and committed graduate.

In 2017 Australian perinatal mental health organisation Peach Tree integrates the Becoming Us relationship developmental stages into their formally evaluated Sunshine Parenting Program, which shows significantly improved levels of postnatal anxiety, depression and bonding.

In 2018 two of our Australian Becoming Us Facilitators successfully obtain government funding to run our first Australian Becoming Us Class pilots in Melbourne.

In 2019 the Becoming Us Professional Online Training has now evolved into a 3-Level training program, with an additional stream to become a Certified Becoming Us Class Facilitator. Hundreds of professionals including chilbirth, healthcare, therapists and mental health specialists around the world have attended and completed or live workshops and online training.

Elly has recently released the 3rd Edition of the book Becoming Us, the Couple’s Guide to Surviving Parenthood and Growing a Family that Thrives.

Elly continues to present Becoming Us at conferences around the world and around her homeland, Australia. 2020 engagements are already booked, including conferences in the USA, workshops in the UK and live training in Africa!


Our Lessons and Challenges...


Expecting parents don’t know what they don’t know. Often they don’t realise what they don’t know until they’re in the thick of it - and have less time, energy and focus to navigate things.

Beta test everything. Every link. Every time.

Parents thinking our Becoming Us classes were only for couples with troubled relationships when they’re for everyone who wants the best possible beginning for their baby and whole family.

Our different world time zones mean that someone is having breakfast while someone else is staying up late for our team meetings and live training video calls.


Some changes on the horizon…


We’re introducing a new mentoring process for certification to give our Class Facilitators more support to market, fund and run their pilot classes.

Our team is expanding!

Barb Suarez has now become our very first Mentor for Class Facilitators. Working one-on-one with her is part of our new Certification process.

Jennifer Dudley has come on board to provide business and marketing advice and support for us and our Certified Class Facilitators.

Darren Mattock has joined us to manage our awesome online community of passionate and dedicated professionals.

Our trusty Kelly Evans continues to work tirelessly in the background to keep our training platform humming. We’re hoping to free up some of her tasks so she can put her many other talents to good use.


And some even bigger opportunities…


The Family Institute at Northwestern University in Chicago are conducting a Feasibility Study on our Becoming Us classes, with a full I.R.B. approved study planned to follow!

A collaboration with the Society for Pre and Post Natal Services in Zimbabwe is creating new educational opportunities for African health and mental health professionals: Diploma in Family Systems Theory and Developmental Family Counselling in Maternal, Paternal and Child Mental Health.


 We’re excited about where we’re heading and would love you to join us on the journey!