They say nothing can prepare parents for parenthood.

We say that’s SO NOT TRUE!

Becoming parents is a leap of faith - it’s like a journey into the unknown. There’s the excitement (or shock!) of pregnancy, then the otherworld of birth. The first days of wonder with a newborn, then weeks both blissful and harder than expected. There’s new ways of seeing the world as a parent, new issues to navigate with your partner too. And then years and years of nurturing a growing family…and all the time becoming your new version of “us”.

And people say nothing can prepare parents for this. We say…


Welcome to Becoming Us - preparing parents for parenthood (even if you already have kids).


We have a survival guide for couples and training for parenthood professionals.

Expecting a baby? Want to prepare for YOUR parenthood adventure?

Your FREE Becoming Us Nest Building Plan helps you and your partner to prepare for your new family.


Our Why

People say “nothing can prepare parents for parenthood” but we need to stop saying this and start doing it, because preparing can make all the difference between a family just surviving parenthood (or not), and knowing how to thrive through it.

Our Vision

A world where mothers, fathers and couples are well prepared for parenthood - equipped with the knowledge, resources and skills to support each other as parents, grow even closer as partners and have wraparound support (extended family, friends, birth/health/allied professionals), so they’re not doing it all alone.
It really does take a village and it’s always going to.

Our big, hairy and audacious Becoming Us Mission

Becoming Us is a whole person, whole family, whole community approach to parenthood. Our mission is to resource and support parents by resourcing and supporting the professionals who care for them. We hope to see fathers and partners more included in pregnancy, birth and beyond, to support the couple bond, and to pull in supports for both parents, as this has long-term benefits for the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of the whole family.
Ambitious, we know…

Would you care to join us?