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What are the different professional trainings you can offer me?

Becoming Us™ Seed Planting Workshop: The Transitions into Parenthood and how to plant seeds that prepare parents for each of them. Currently this is only offered as a live training.
Becoming Us™ Level I: Our Seed Planting Workshop PLUS personal stages of parenthood development, general relationship stages and an introduction to perinatal mental health conditions. This is an online training and occasionally offered live.
Becoming Us™ Level II: The 8 research and evidence based Becoming Us™ stages of parenthood and how to prepare and support parents to navigate them. This is an online training.
Becoming Us™ Level III: Managing birth trauma, grief and loss, perinatal mental health conditions and relationship distress including abuse, addictions and affairs. This is an online training.

I’m a birth professional, I don’t work with clients postpartum. Is Level II training still for me?

Yes. You can use the 8 stages of Becoming Us to prepare and support parents during pregnancy (or even preconception). New research is finding that expecting parents who feel supported and well prepared for what comes after the birth are less anxious and have better birth outcomes. These parents also have reduced risks for perinatal mental health issues like anxiety or depression in the postpartum period - so you really are giving families a better start.

You’ll find the training is designed with flexible learning in mind. You can skim any parts that aren’t so relevant to you and dive deeper where it’s most helpful.

I’m a therapist, so I see parents with children of all ages. Is the Becoming Us approach relevant for clients with older children?

Yes - and this was surprising for us. The Becoming Us model was originally designed to be used by professionals working with clients during pregnancy and in the first few years of family. But then we started getting feedback from therapists who were successfully using the approach with parents of teenagers and young adults. They tell us that using the Becoming Us stages to help parents look back at their parenthood journey reduces blame and resentment between partners and using the Becoming Us skills helps couples to move forward together. Nice work!

I sometimes work with expecting or new parents but I’m not on the list of professionals. Is this training for me too?

This work is most powerful in the hands of someone parents already have a relationship with, like and trust. It’s for any professional who can make a difference in their life, so yes, we’d love to equip you.

I’m a mental health professional and I have done relationship training before, what’s different about Becoming Us?

Relationship training is important for ANYONE who is working with this vulnerable population because so many of the high rates of mental health issues we’re seeing are relationship based, so it’s GREAT you already have some training in this!

As well as gaining new awareness and skills that we’ve been told are different from anything else out there, what’s most unique about Becoming Us™ is our 8 stage Relationship-Developmental model. Each of the stages in the model are both evidence based and supported by research. Each stage (from pre-conception or pregnancy through the first few years of family) addresses the most important aspects of mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing that are crucial at that time. Each stage in the model builds on the stage before and prepares parents for the next stage. This provides parents (and professionals!) with a trail map that builds both capacity and closeness as couples travel along it.

If you go on to run our Becoming Us™ courses for parents, you’ll also are find there’s some key differences. Less content and more process focused. Less head and more heart-based. We include lots of group bonding time and experiences, so participants can actually feel the difference. As Barb Suarez, our Becoming Us Facilitator Mentor puts it: “before this I was an Educator and now I’m a Facilitator. I can feel and see the difference and I LOVE it”. Also, we know just how much it takes a village, so supporting parents’ relationships with friends, family, community and other professionals is a big part of what we do.

Do you ever offer live training?

Yes! Now that her kids are older, Elly loves to travel, so she’ll go anywhere there’s a big enough group to make it work. Check out our Professionals Live Training Page and send an inquiry if you can’t see your city there.

I want to do the online training. What are my options for online enrollment?

You can enroll in Level I, our foundations course any time during the year. Once you’re done, you’ll be sent an invitation to go on and do Level II and, if you’d like, you can then go on to our final level of training, Level III.

How long do I have access to the information for?

Forever! We want you to be supported long after you’ve finished your training. 

Can I log in to the sessions on my own schedule?

Yes. Sessions are sent to you weekly and you can choose to watch the videos as they arrive in your inbox, or you can get comfy on the couch, log in and binge watch Netflix style. If life gets in the way (we have a few folk with new babies!), you can just pause for as long as needed. We're here to welcome you back when you're ready.

Do you offer Continuing Education Units?

Yes. We are proud to have many major organisations support our training and we’re happy to apply for CEU’s from specific organisations on request. Some professional organisations offer them direct to students instead, so please check with yours to see.

When you say “certification”, what does that mean?

Once you’ve completed the professional training, you might like to think about running our Becoming Us courses in your community. We are currently setting up a mentoring program to help facilitate this. Through the certification process, you’ll be qualified and entitled (and supported!) to use our Becoming Us™ Before Baby, Becoming Us™ After Baby and Becoming Us™ Reading Group courses for parents, which you can use with individuals, couples or in a group setting. You'll get the curriculum for all programs, marketing materials and you'll have the opportunity to work one on one with our Becoming Us Marketing and Course Facilitator Mentors to get you set up. You’ll also have ongoing access to our very supportive Becoming Us Village Elders facebook group. The actual steps and costs for certification are below.

I don't want to run the courses for parents, should I still do the professional training?

AB-SO-LUTELY! Anyone who works with parents at any stage in their family life-cycle benefits from knowing this vital information and the huge difference it can make for parents and families. We are seeing enormously high rates of anxiety, depression and relationship distress during the perinatal period. Parents need professionals who can work in a father/partner inclusive, family centered way to prevent this. The Becoming Us whole family professional training is in line with current recommendations from ACOG in the U.S., The World Psychiatric Society and COPE in Australia.

We don’t expect that most of our students will be set up to run courses for parents. The professional training is designed for you to use the information and integrate it into your own way of working with clients. You'll be able to plant Becoming Us seeds and have handouts from day one. In Level II, you'll learn the Becoming Us™ stages of parenthood and have resources you can use with clients in whatever way is helpful for you and for them. In Level III, you'll have a deeper understanding of the more challenging aspects of parenthood, including Perinatal Mental Health conditions, ways to minimize your clients' risk, and the ways you can help parents who need it.

Then, if you decide you'd like more structure, direction and support, you can go on and certify to use the Becoming Us™ method. Initially, we’ll give you the course curriculum and encourage you to try it out with one or two couples so you can find your feet before you decide if you’d like to offer the full course to a bigger class of parents. Our certification process includes 4 hours of mentoring. If you’re wanting to offer courses for parents, we want to support you to do it.

What are the steps to certify and run the Becoming Us classes?

We are excited to be in pilot mode with this new step for our Facilitators. Here’s the current process for certification to become a Becoming Us Class Facilitator:

1) Complete all three levels of our Becoming Us Professional Training Program.

2) Apply for Becoming Us Facilitator Certification. We’ll ask you to send in your paperwork (eg. C.V., professional insurance and professional membership if you have it).

3) Book in for a welcome session with Elly to talk about your plans. She can’t wait to hear them!

4) At this point you'll receive your Becoming Us Facilitator Agreement, guidelines and curriculum for our courses. Currently we have three of them: Becoming Us™ Before Baby (for expecting couples), Becoming Us™ After Baby (for couples with a baby or toddler) and the Becoming Us™ Reading Group program for mothers with a baby or young children. 

5) After you’ve had a chance to review the curriculum, book your 60 minute session with our Becoming Us Marketing Mentor for a brand awareness session to prepare you with what you’ll need to market your first pilot class. You'll also receive the Becoming Us marketing kit.

6) When you have class participants ready to go, even if it’s only one couple to start with, book your first session with our Becoming Us Class Facilitator Mentor. You’ll have three Facilitation sessions in total - one before, one during and one after your first pilot course.

7) Run your first pilot course and send all participant feedback forms from each session to us. Send in your own Facilitator feedback forms at the end of the training. 

8) You’ll have the option to continue working with our Marketing and Facilitation Mentors on an hourly basis if you feel you need more support in one or both of these areas.

9) Once we’re all confident you’re well set up to go forward, you’ll receive your official Becoming Us™ Facilitator Web badge and be listed on our new Becoming Us Facilitator directory.

The current investment for Certification is $USD 594, which includes 4 x 1 hour sessions of mentoring. The Certification fee is payable over two payments - $297 when you apply for certification and $297 when you have participants enrolled for your first class.

Are there any ongoing costs for me to run the classes afterwards?

Yes. We charge an annual licensing fee to purchase and run the programs, provide any new materials, have ongoing support and access to new resources. At this early stage, the yearly fee to run the Becoming Us classes in your community is only $USD 149. This year we plan to pilot Becoming Us Reading Groups, Babymoon Retreats and Corporate Classes. There will be more information coming on the licensing fees for these models. It’s an exciting time for us!

I haven't facilitated groups before, is there support for me?

Lots! As part of your certification process (above) you’ll have an initial Marketing Mentoring session to get advice and your marketing toolkit and then three sessions with our fantastic Becoming Us Facilitator Mentor as you’re running your pilot class. You’ll get one mentoring session before your first class, the second session about half way through, and the third when you’re both celebrating at the end! In your final session you'll decide together if more mentoring is a good thing and how much will work for your needs. Any additional mentoring is charged at an hourly rate to be negotiated with your mentor. We want you to be successful because we know parents need you!!!

Running classes with an experienced co-Facilitator is much less stressful and more fun! Marketing is easier too with combined resources and contacts. So, if you know someone who loves running classes, you might like to team up with them (they’ll have to undertake the Becoming Us Professional training and apply to certify too).

How do I enrol for the online training?

That’s easy! You can enrol for Level I here at any time throughout the year.

We hope you’ll join us!


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