Upcoming Live Professional Events

Biennial Australasian Birth Trauma Conference 2019, Brisbane

August 8-10, 2019.

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Perinatal Loss Conference, Melbourne

October 24-26, 2019

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Broken Sleep Conference and Seed Planting Workshop, Melbourne

October 24-26, 2019.

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Becoming Us Seed Planting Workshops

Learn how to plant powerful seeds for families to thrive!

Do you realise it’s nobody’s professional role in our world today to actually prepare parents for parenthood?

This means that anyone an expecting parent meets on their journey into parenthood has the potential to make all the difference for them. You are a VIP in their world. And parents need someone to prepare them. Because we are starting to see higher stress levels, more relationship issues and Perinatal Mental Health conditions in pregnancy and early parenthood.

The good news is there’s ways to prepare and support parents to cope.

The GREAT news is there’s ways to prepare and support parents to THRIVE.

AND it’s easier than you think! Come and meet Elly to find out how.

This training is for you if you:

  • want to include fathers and partners more in your work (even if they’re not actually in the room)

  • want to prepare both parents for parenthood

  • want to improve birth outcomes (this training is especially useful for pregnancy and birth professionals)

  • want a more holistic approach to your work

  • want to be part of a professional community who are also “being the change” parents need

    Learn how to plant powerful seeds that support mothers, fathers and partners to cope as individuals, pull together as a couple, and thrive as a family.

I wanted to laugh, cry and snort.
— Emma Jones, Psychologist, Brisbane
Took my breath away
— Margi Deneau-Saxton, Pregnancy and Postpartum Professional, Georgia
I felt like you were speaking directly to me
— Jamie Wallace, Doula, Alabama

You’ll discover:

  • That while we call it the “transition into parenthood”, there are actually multiple major life transitions for mothers and fathers to navigate. You’ll learn what these transitions are and how you can integrate them in your role.

  • New brain research into learning and relationships that can make ALL. THE. DIFFERENCE in how you work.

  • An introduction to the Becoming Us approach which you can use to work with individuals, couples or groups to support the mental, emotional and relationship wellbeing of mothers, fathers and families.

  • How to design and plant a 3 part seed to prepare expecting and new parents for different aspects of parenthood. See just how powerful this tool can be!

And the best bit? Seed planting only takes a moment for you - but can make a lifetime of difference for families!

Australian Seed Planting Workshops

October 26

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November 2nd

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November 4th

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 Would you like Becoming Us to come to you?

Know a bunch of passionate helping professionals and have a space to host them? Elly Taylor, founder of Becoming Us, loves traveling and teaching, so bring a Becoming Us Professional Training to you! It’s a great opportunity to build relationships with professionals in all aspects of family wellbeing so you’ve got parents in your community covered. Message us below!