A guidebook for your whole family…


Do you ever feel like you’re going somewhere you know you want to go, but you don’t know how to get there? Becoming Us breaks the journey through parenthood down into 8 steps that support your whole family.

The book covers the 'need to knows', starting with planning during pregnancy, so you can have the very best beginning for your family. You’ll learn how to work through the normal issues most new parents face like finances, housework, intimacy and sex, dealing with in-laws, negotiating different parenting styles, balancing it all (and more!), and how to steer around or navigate the most common challenges as your baby grows into a toddler and beyond.

Becoming Us shows you where the cross-roads are and which one to take. It points out the swamps to avoid and puts you on the easiest path across the mountains. You'll find ways you and your partner can travel together (even over the rocky bits!) so you'll grow stronger together than ever and your whole family can thrive.

Becoming Us is your map, compass and travel guide all in one.

I became aware that many of my feelings since the birth were common and a normal part of becoming a parent.
Reading this made me feel calmer, gentler and more accepting of myself and my husband. It helped me see what we each bring to parenting and how much our son needs both our approaches.
It’s like Elly was in the house with us. This book has been a roadmap for us getting back on track.

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