Book Blog Tour: Next Stop - Becoming a Leader - Interview with Elly Taylor, by Stephanie Renaud

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Elly continues her book blog tour for her new edition of Becoming Us with an interview all about Becoming a Leader . Listen to Stephanie’s podcast ‘Write Now’ where she discusses what motivated Elly to write a book about parenthood, the challenges she faced and where and who she is today.


Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie is a writer, editor and creative consultant who is dedicated to helping transformational leaders get their books started, finished and published. She has a background in education and psychology, and writes a regular column for Windsor Parent Magazine. She has also been published in Parents Canada and on The Huffington Post. Stephanie is a voracious reader, an endless talker and a lover of the stories that are born out of people’s real lives. She believes that it is through the sharing of our stories, we can change the world.

Her two children are her raison d’être. They are the future. It is what she has learned about herself through raising them that she found the conviction to dedicate herself to working for change on all levels of society, from the personal to the global. 

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In this interview Stephanie and Elly discuss:

  • The difference between parenting and parenthood

  • Why there was a need for a book for couples transitioning into parenthood

  • The background and journey that led to Elly writing and having the book published

  • How writing the book led to column writing for Practical Parenting magazine.

  • Why all the best ideas for the book came at the most inconvenient times

  • Why Elly loves writing so much

  • The challenges Elly faced writing this book

  • Why a conference Elly spoke at became a turning point in relation to publication

  • How this led to classes, workshops and public speaking in numerous countries

  • The impact Elly’s cancer treatment had on her outlook on life and how she had to rebuild and identify when she needed help and support.

  • How professionals are now starting to identify there is a need for parenthood preparation

  • Why exercise and eating well are the two most important elements of self care

  • Why going through the process, regardless of the fear, is what takes you to the next level

  • Why giving yourself permission to take breaks and work with your energy levels is important

  • Why having two projects on the go allows you the space to leave one if you are having difficulty with it, but can still be productive elsewhere.

AND finally,

  • Why everyone is struggling in different ways, and how we all need support, nuturing and validation. We are all actually the same, but in many different ways.

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Listen to the entire episode to discover more about Elly and her own writing journey.

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