Becoming Us Professional Development Training.

Online Program Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to work with Elly Taylor and to participate in the Becoming Us ® Professional Development Training which supports Facilitator Certification and the delivery of the Becoming Us ® Parents Programs.

I am Elly Taylor of Becoming Us (ABN: 41853829892), the creator of the Becoming Us ® Parents Program, the Becoming Us® Professional Development Training and the Becoming Us Certification Process.

I have created the Becoming Us® Parents Programs, the Becoming Us® Professional Development Training and the Becoming Us Facilitator Certification process to raise awareness and provide support and resources for perinatal professionals to prepare, guide and support parents into and through the transition into parenthood.

By purchasing any of the Programs on this platform, you agree to the following terms outlined in this agreement as a condition of your participation of your chosen program.

  1. Program Structure and Delivery

The Becoming Us® Professional Development program consists of pre-recorded webinars and will include video presentation, short reading and reflective questions and exercises over three levels, specifically:

  1. Level I – Four 60 minute webinars to be held over Thinkific, for four consecutive weekly classes or self-paced.
  2. Level II – Eight 60 minute sessions to be held over Thinkific, for eight consecutive weekly classes or self-paced.
  3. Level III– Two intensive pre recorded webinars, approximately 90 minutes, to be held over Thinkific for two consecutive weekly classes or self-paced.

All levels of Becoming Us Professional Development Training will include:

  1. Regular communication via email.
  2. Access to our private Facebook group for course participants so you can network and collaborate.
  3. Handouts to use immediately with your clients.
  4. Access to live Q&A and discussion calls, conducted quarterly throughout the year. 

The Becoming Us® Facilitator Certification Program will include:

  1. Fourteen sessions, twenty four hours in total, to be held over Thinkific. This program includes all the content of the Professional Development Training.
  2. Regular communication via email.
  3. Membership to two private Facebook groups. During the course participants will have access to a private Facebook group for Facilitator training. After completion participants will be invited to access a private Facebook group to assist in establishing your Facilitation practice.
  4. A Facilitator bundle with marketing materials for you to use.
  5. The Becoming Us Before Baby and Becoming Us After Baby Programs with instructions for running the classes.
  1. Fees & Method of Payment
    1. By purchasing this program you agree to pay the advertised price in US dollars. Please check the equivalent in your local currency.
    2. We reserve the right to change this prices from time to time. Please check the website for updated pricing information.

Payment Plan

  1. By purchasing this Program, you may access the payment plan and by doing so you agree to enter into a payment plan, consisting of six equal payments of before the start of the Program OR three equal payments before the start for the Program.
  2. All Payment either in full or as within the payment plan will be requested as an online payment via Stripe or PayPal unless otherwise agreed to by Elly Taylor.
  1. Refund Policy
    1. You may request a refund before the Program starts and before you have received any content by providing a request in writing to Elly Taylor at
    2. Refunds are not available for change of mind after the commencement of the any Program.
    3. Refunds will only be considered due to illness or other extenuating changes in personal circumstances, however this is at the full and complete discretion of the Program Owner.
  2. Your Responsibility
    1. As a participant in any Program on this platform, you understand that you are expected to:
      1. Attend all live calls or watch the recorded calls or webinars to enable you to progress through the Program requirements.
      2. Participate in the Facebook groups by answering questions or providing feedback when requested or seeking support from Elly Taylor within group.
      3. Be non-judgmental, respectful and positive in all communications within the group at all times.
      4. Contact Elly Taylor at any time you experience any discomfort during the programs or require personal support for any reason.
      5. Complete all quizzes, exercises, modules and requests for feedback.
    2. You accept and agree that you are fully responsible for your progress and results from your selected Program.
    3. You accept and agree that you must complete the Program requirements to obtain the full benefit of any Program on this platform.
    4. You agree and accept that individual results may vary and that it is possible that you may not achieve the expected results and that the outcome is dependent upon your participation and personal skills and abilities and not the responsibility of Elly Taylor.
  3. Intellectual Property and Copyright
    1. All programs and materials available on this platform and within any program created by Elly Taylor are the property of Elly Taylor and/or our affiliates or licensors, and are protected by copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property laws.
    2. All material including but not limited to course content, manuals, videos and all other material is provided solely for your personal non-commercial use. 
    3. You may not use any of the materials available on this platform or within any program in a manner that infringes any of our rights or that has not been authorised by us.
    4. You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, translate, sell, create derivative works, exploit, or distribute in any manner or medium (including by email or other electronic means) any material from this platform or any program without the express permission of Elly Taylor. You may request such permission by emailing
  4. Disclaimer

You understand and agree that:

  1. You have used Elly Taylor’s services at your own risk and that the Program is an educational and informational service only.
  2. You shall refer any medical questions (including psychological or emotional issues) which may arise to qualified professionals.
  3. You shall refer to a qualified professional before making any health related decision during or as a result of participating in this Program.
  4. Elly Taylor does not offer any representations, warranties, or guarantees, verbally or in writing, regarding your results from the Program.
  5. Results are dependent on various factors including but not limited to, commitment, online skills, personal ability, and dedication, and in no way dependent on any information Elly Taylor provides to you.

Thank you for reading!