Want to make a REALLY BIG difference?

 Certify and bring our Becoming Us programs to your community!

We are excited to be in pilot mode with this new step for our Facilitators to provide you with even more direction and support! We know that running classes is a big deal so here’s the current process for certification to become a Becoming Us Class Facilitator:

1) Complete all three levels of our Becoming Us Whole Family Professional Training Program, either separately or as part of a class.

2) Apply for Becoming Us Facilitator Certification. We’ll ask you to send in your paperwork (eg. C.V., professional insurance and professional membership if you have it).

3) Book in for a welcome session with our founder Elly Taylor to talk about your plans. She loves hearing them.

4) At this point you'll receive your Becoming Us Facilitator Agreement, guidelines and curriculum for our classes. Currently we have three classes: Becoming Us Before Baby (for expecting couples), Becoming Us After Baby (for couples with a baby or toddler) and the Becoming Us Reading Group program for mothers with a baby or young children. 

5) After you’ve had a chance to review the curriculum, book your 60 minute session with our Becoming Us Marketing Mentor to get you set up with what you’ll need to market your first pilot class. You'll also receive the Becoming Us marketing package.

6) When you have class participants ready to go, book your first session with our Becoming Us Class Facilitator Mentor. You will have three Facilitation sessions in total - one before, one during and one after your first pilot class.

7) Run your first pilot class and send all participant feedback forms from each session to us. Send in your own Facilitator feedback forms at the end of the training. 

8) You’ll have the option to continue working with our Marketing and Facilitation Mentors on an hourly basis if you feel you need more support in one or both of these areas.

9) Once we’re all confident you’re well set up to go forward, you’ll receive your Facilitator Web badge and be listed on our new Becoming Us Facilitator directory.

The current investment for Certification is $USD 498, which includes 4 x 1 hour sessions of mentoring. The Certification fee is payable over two payments - $199 when you apply for certification and $299 when you have participants enrolled for your first class.