R U Ready?
(‘Cause Baby’s Comin’ !!)

Becoming Us Adventure Retreat
for Expecting Couples

Los Angeles, February 2020

becoming us parent retreat

Prepare yourself for the Parenthood Plunge!

People say:
“You can’t prepare for parenthood”.

We call B.S. !!

You can do more to prepare for what’s ahead.

Register today for this transformational
weekend experience to prepare your relationship for parenthood.
February 2020


Get ready for a few scrumptious and potentially life changing days.

Give yourselves the gift of PARENTHOOD preparation!

Together get prepared for life beyond the birth, beyond the carseat installation - even beyond the first six weeks.

Look ahead into what life is truly going to be like as you transition into a family of three – and get your relationship ready!


Get ready … to get more ready.

This weekend gives you a chance to grow the relationship you know–just the two of you–into a whole new relationship as a family with your baby.

This one weekend has the power to shift the future of your family life.

We said it. And we mean it.

People say (you’ve likely heard it a lot during your pregnancy) that
”there’s no way to prepare for parenthood”.

We say this IS. JUST. NOT. TRUE.

  • What will you need?

  • What will your partner need?

  • What will your baby need?

You may think you know, but you’ll be surprised at what you don’t know - yet. Because the answers to these questions is the difference between just surviving the transition into parenthood and thriving through the journey ahead. Navigating the normal changes of this parenthood rite of passage, and nurturing each other as you go is the key to helping your whole family to THRIVE.

You can prepare for this by better understanding the normal stages and transitions parents go through as a new family grows.

You can have guidance, tools and resources to use as you find your own way through your journey, and also to support your partner along their journey too.

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Based on the groundbreaking and award winning book Becoming Us by Elly Taylor, this weekend retreat-adventure is designed to help you to take a pause before birth and life changes forever.

Give yourself, your partner and your baby the gift of preparing for what we know are likely to be the more unpredictable and challenging parts of your journey ahead…so your whole family can thrive from the very beginning.


Are you ready!?!?

This weekend gifts you with memorable experiences, ancient traditions, along with a well-stocked toolbox (well actually a backpack) full of tips and tricks to support the three of you through both the joys and the gritty parts of the journey ahead. Knowing what to expect can make all the difference in being able to work through any challenges you or your partner may face along the way.

In an intimate, supportive, playful setting, with a small circle of other expecting adventurers, our expert coaches and facilitators, including the author and founder of the program herself, will guide you in discovering ways to empower you through your connection with each other and bolster your resources for a smoother and more supported transition.

What may be hidden under layers of unknown, unhelpful cultural norms and old limiting beliefs will be revealed so you can move forward into the newness, reconfiguring your family life confidently with unity, abundant resources and resourcefulness.

Because what most parents don’t know is that the transition into parenthood is a rite of passage that deserves to be honored as such. You’ll learn what this means for you and your partner and how you can use this information to create the family you dream about.

The Becoming Us Couples Weekend Adventure was created by parents for parents. It is designed to prepare you and your partner to navigate what’s ahead together with clear eyes, open hearts, hand in hand. Your baby will thank you for this.

Are you ready to be ready? Let’s Go!
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Is This Weekend For US?
How do we know?

Are you feeling a little stressed about the upcoming changes?

Do you worry you may be unprepared for the shift to being a family of three?
The sleep deprivation?
The overwhelm?
The extra responsibilities and new needs for each of you?


The statistics can be daunting:

  • 92% of couples report arguing more during the first year after baby is born.

  • 67% of couples report a decline in relationship satisfaction after having a baby together.

  • 74% of women don’t reach out for help until they are not coping.

EEK! Why is it so challenging?

The challenges are real. Being prepared for the most common ones can make the difference for your journey.  

Couples often think they are prepared - but don’t actually know what to prepare for or how to prepare - until now. Becoming Us is preparation and support for your family and your baby – beyond the birth room, beyond installing the car seat, even beyond the first six weeks - well into the early years of parenthood. This preparation allows you to find your way, support your partner, and find support for you both as needed.

As part of the Becoming Us program, the RU Ready? Couples Adventure Retreat is for you if you want the absolute best beginning possible for your baby. Invest in your new family by tapping into deep wisdom and experience, gaining tools that will better prepare you for what’s on the horizon.

Prepare for a better beginning with Becoming Us.

This magical time asks you to pause from your busy life for a few days and begin to more fully transition into a new life with your baby. Prepare for the big life changes coming, take care of yourself, get more connected to who you are as individuals, and honor your connection as a couple. Discover what truly matters to you both. Walk away with the tools you need to powerfully create the family you dream about and the life you want to live.

Connect. Prepare. Trust.

Prepare now to be stronger when you need it the most. Let’s say that one again.
Prepare now to be stronger when you need it the most. It’s like any kind of training: preparation and practice can both make a huge difference.

Leave behind your reality for two nights and three days as you dive with us into an unknown adventure – one that will prepare you for your own uncertain journey, unfolding fast whether you’re ready or not.

Enjoy opportunities for emotional connection and protected solitude – with some precious time together.

Refresh your understanding of yourself and your partner, and create new bridges to the parent-selves you are becoming.

Enjoy authentic conversations about what to expect in your life as parents without fear or judgment. All of you is welcome here.

This is your playground to unpack what might be worrying you and consciously pack a tool-kit that will support you and your partner in the months and years ahead.

This is where you get to baby-proof your relationship...

You’ll leave with a robust tool-kit and a strong connection to your own heart as well as your partner’s.

You’ll gain newfound confidence to take the relationship risks that ultimately will help you build a fulfilling family life and support your family legacy long-term.

How Does This Sound?

  • One last weekend getaway as a couple before baby comes.

  • A generous and nurturing break from everyday responsibilities.

  • Room to grow, connect, align, prepare & play.

  • Beautiful, peaceful surroundings to relax, unplug & unwind.

  • 3 days of proven, inspirational content presented in a gorgeous setting in the heart of LA.

  • This isn’t a conference or a class. It’s an interactive transformational experience.

  • Intimate community experience with personalized attention from expert facilitators.

  • RU Ready? is for YOU, about YOU, and co-created by YOU. Come ready to engage as a couple, leave ready to THRIVE as a family.

  • Comfortable, pampered rooms available for an additional fee, if you choose to stay on site.
    Note: Lodging is not included in workshop tuition. Please book your reservations separately. Ask about a group rate.

  • Delicious nutritious snack breaks between sessions.
    Note: meals are not included and will be enjoyed on your own.

  • Your adventure begins at 4 pm on Friday + ends at 2 pm on Sunday.

  • Cost for the three day adventure is only $1,495 per couple.

What can you expect?


Expand your comfort zone with the great UNKNOWN.


With the guidance of our expert facilitators, you’ll work to expand your comfort zone and your relationship by being resourceful and staying connected as you encounter instability, unpredictability, unexpected twists and turns and many other destabilizing moments of early parenthood. As a couple, strengthen your creativity, resourcefulness, resilience, and confidence, both individually and as a unified partnership.

  • Confront what commonly occurs (for real) in the first 1-3 years

  • Map strategies for handling challenges

  • Learn to set expectations for success

  • Build a personalized nesting plan - prepare what you can


Connect deeply as a couple.


Take the time (before baby comes) to slow down and learn to recognize each other’s needs, desires, hopes and dreams. By knowing how to connect, by preparing tools for connection, the connection itself will happen more easily and will be stronger when you need it.

  • Build and practice tools for connection

  • Enjoy date night and pampering

  • Listen to your partners heart, hopes and dreams


Reframe what is “NORMAL”.


Our culture has done a disservice to expecting parents by painting an impossible picture of happy couples raising kids on their own, isolated without adequate support. We will explore together what needs exist for a growing family and how to work together, along with our extended community, to get more needs met so the whole family can thrive.

  • Identify needs you know and how to recognize needs you may not yet know

  • Identify (and open yourself up to) community connections who are eager to support your growing family

  • Meet families with babies who now have a different perspective than they did a few months ago

We are committed to you having an OUTSTANDING experience with us!

Agenda Teaser ... what to expect when you don’t know what to expect!


This Couples Retreat Adventure experience is designed to help you be as prepared as possible for your upcoming adventure, a journey that is unfolding for you here and now, and will never end. What’s happening in your life right now is a permanent transformation. You, reading this, and not knowing EXACTLY what to expect is the point. That’s just the way we’ve designed it and the only thing you CAN expect is to NOT know what will happen. To turn yourself over to trust, to faith, to possibility. Here’s a general sense of what you can expect during our time together:

  • Connection activities to bond you as a couple

  • Interactive experiences to demonstrate ways to handle uncertainty, challenge, and conflict

  • Exercises to get you thinking about how you would like your family life to feel

  • Hands-on activities to begin to prepare your relationship and your life for your new family configuration with baby

  • Reflective sessions to process and connect with yourself and your partner

Some Fine Print Details

What’s Included:

  • 3 days of training in an outstanding setting with staff to pamper you throughout your amazing adventure

  • fresh, healthy prepared snacks and beverages (non alcoholic) between sessions
    note: meals are not included and will be enjoyed on your own

  • attention to any special dietary needs required for in-session snacks

  • collectible special gifts to remind you of the work you do at the event

  • experiential workshops, activities and discussions

  • strategies, tools and an opportunity to play in a safe space for connection and growth

  • a new parenthood toolkit to lay the foundation for creating the rest of your life - together!

  • connection with a community of other new parents walking the parenting path too

During the weekend you can always expect:

  • Fun & Professional staff

  • High-quality snacks and beverages

  • Full support in all activities

  • Safe space to tend to your needs

Dates for next weekend: August 2-4th, 2019:

  • Friday 4-8pm

  • Saturday 9am-7pm (then a ‘dinner date’)

  • Sunday 9am-2pm

Cost of the 3 day training is $1,495 per couple.


Meet Your Guides



Perinatal Relationship Expert, Author and Founder of Becoming Us


With a background in relationship counseling, education and independent research, Elly’s passion and mission is to equip expecting and new parents for the normal, but unexpected, changes and challenges of parenthood. Elly is the creator of Becoming Us, a cutting-edge approach to parenthood which supports the mental and emotional wellbeing of the whole family. Elly is an award winning author, has presented at national and international conferences, served on the advisory panel for a number of Australian and international research and community projects. She lives in Sydney with her firefighter husband, their three children and a bunch of pets. Learn more about Elly here.

Michelle Bio.jpg


Certified Becoming Us Facilitator, Parenting Mentor, Yoga Instructor


Michelle Yorn has been passionate about her work as an early childhood teacher and parenting mentor since completing her Waldorf early childhood training over a decade ago. She has served many families through her pre and postnatal yoga workshops, women's circles, doula work and is now a certified Becoming Us Facilitator. She is the founder of the Presently Parenting program and proud mama of two grown children who have been her most profound teachers. Her dedication to supporting, guiding, and nurturing families on the path of parenting is work she truly loves. Learn more about Michelle at presentlyparenting.net.



Birth & Postpartum Doula, Childbirth Educator, Speaker,
Gottman Trained Educator, Becoming Us F.I.T.


Jen Dudley is a dynamo with her heart leading the way in everything she does. Jen works part time as a marketing and business strategist, though she also veered into a second career as a doula, childbirth educator and parent coach, even before having her own babies. Now a mom of two boys, one heading to high school, Jen blends the best of both worlds and consults with heart-based companies to ensure smart marketing and operations strategies for maximum impact and alignment. Her coaching with parents reflects the experience of more than 2 decades of loving, present work with more than 200 families from pregnancy to the teenage years. Jen says: “Parenting is the most profound adventure we can walk. Embrace every moment.”


So, is this Couples Retreat-Adventure for you?

Well, if you know that investing in being prepared can pave the way for a more smooth and healthy transition, one that can save time, struggle and even money in the long-term...this Adventure is for you.

If you’re willing to work together now to set a foundation to work well together ongoing, for the benefit of each of you as well as your child...this Adventure is for you.

If you’re brave enough to put yourself into new experiences with a bunch of strangers and trust yourself to embrace the magic that will help you grow…this Adventure is for you.

If you recognize there are common challenges many couples face, often at a devastatingly high cost, and you want to be prepared for these big changes and are ready to do the work with your sleeves rolled up and just need to know what to do...this Adventure is for you.

If any of this scares you a bit, but you’ve got a tugging feeling that you kinda sorta might possibly know that this kind of preparation could make the difference with a “it’s-now-or-never” knowing that this is the right time to lay the foundation for the family life you want to live...this Adventure is for you.

This experience is guaranteed to sell out, so be sure to grab your spot while they last!

Launch your legacy with support, guidance and preparation now.

Your family deserves the best chance to THRIVE from the start.