It all started when…


In 2014, Elly presented the Becoming Us approach at conferences in Australia, North America and the UK and was approached by numerous helping professionals asking for more. Many seeds were planted.

We ran our first Becoming Us professional development training online in 2015.

In 2016, Barb Buckner Suarez, our very first Becoming Us Certified Facilitator started running our Becoming Us Before Baby classes through Legacy Hospital in Portland, Oregon.





Our Lessons and Challenges...

Expecting parents don’t know what they don’t know. Often they don’t realise what they don’t know until they’re in the thick of it and have less time and energy to manage things.

Technology can suck at times. Big time.

Couples thinking the Becoming Us classes were only for couples with troubled relationships when they’re for all parents who want a great beginning for their baby.

Our different world time zones meant that someone was having breakfast while someone else was staying up late for most of our meetings.


Some changes on the horizon:


We’re introducing a new Certification Step to give our class Facilitators more support.

Barb Suarez has become our very first Facilitator Mentor.

Jen Dudley has come on board to provide business and marketing support for us and our Certified Facilitators.








And some even bigger opportunities:

The Family Institute at Northwestern University in Chicago are conducting a Feasibility Study on our Becoming Us classes, with a full IRB approved study planned for 2019!