Have you ever wondered what might be possible if you could plant the right seeds?


Join award winning Becoming Us author and Parenthood Pioneer Elly Taylor for a breakthrough "Seed Planting" Workshop and learn how to sow some powerful seeds this summer.

Come meet Australian parenthood expert Elly Taylor on her US Tour! Elly will be visiting eight US cities to share powerful seeds for change that help birth, health, mental health and other helping professionals to prepare and support families to thrive as they grow. Find one near you!

As a Relationship Counselor and a new mother at the same time, Elly began trying to get her head around the whole parenthood thing over 20 years ago when she and her husband were blindsided by the changes and challenges they experienced as new parents. For years, after discovering that most other couples were being blindsided too, she wondered why the heck parents weren't being prepared for these ahead of time.
Fast forward to now and Elly is the founder of Becoming Us, an organization created to share her evidence-based whole family approach with professionals to support mothers, fathers, partners and families to thrive.

Come and meet with Elly and discover the difference Becoming Us can make for yourself!

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In this 2 hour workshop you'll learn key tools to prepare and support expecting and new parent couples to anticipate the changes, cope with the chaos and stay connected through the challenges of early parenthood. You'll come away with ways for parents to nurture themselves, and their partner, so their whole family can thrive.

While it's commonly referred to as "the transition into parenthood", you'll discover that there are, in fact, many different transitions. You'll learn what those transitions are, and how they can negatively impact mothers, fathers and families. You'll learn how to plant Becoming Us ‘seeds’ that reduce risk for the most common parenthood problems including perinatal mental health issues and relationship distress. Finally, you'll discover the groundbreaking Becoming Us approach to parenthood and how you can apply the model to your work with parents at any stage of their family life cycle.

This workshop is designed to support:

  • mental health professionals,

  • couple and family therapists,

  • birth professionals,

  • counselors and social workers,

  • early intervention professionals,

  • and any others who work with expecting, new or not so new parents.

Dates and host locations for Professional Workshop:

Los Angeles, CA:

Denver, CO:

Chicago, Illinois: 
The Family Institute attached to Northwestern University, 618 Library Place, Evanston, IL.
CEU's provided.

New York City, NY:
The Motherhood Centre, 205 Lexington Ave, NYC, NY.

Atlanta, GA

Limited seats available – reserve yours below.

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