A guidebook for your whole family…

Want to know the world’s worst best-kept secret?

Parenthood is like a perfect storm.

If you or your partner are feeling blown-away by unexpected changes and challenges of parenthood, you’re not alone! Most new (and not so new) parents feel like this. The great news is, no matter where you are now in your parenthood journey, you can prepare for the next stage to come. Becoming Us is a guide for mothers, fathers and partners to thrive - as individuals, as a couple and as a family.

You can know how to navigate the normal issues most parents face during pregnancy and the first few years of family, including life changes, household chores, financial pressures, intimacy and sex, dealing with in-laws, overcoming different parenting styles, managing stress and how to support each other all along the way.

Becoming Us helps you find your feet, shows you the cross-roads and gives you the practical steps to take. It’s your map, compass and travel guide all in one.

I became aware that many of my feelings since the birth were common and a normal part of becoming a parent.
Reading this made me feel calmer, gentler and more accepting of myself and my husband. It helped me see what we each bring to parenting and how much our son needs both our approaches.
It’s like Elly was in the house with us. This book has been a roadmap for us getting back on track.

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