Learn how to plant powerful seeds for families to thrive.

Life is getting more and more complicated. This is one reason we are starting to see high stress levels, relationship concerns and Perinatal Mental Health conditions in early parenthood. The good news is there are ways to prepare and support parents to cope.

The great news is there are ways to prepare and support parents to thrive. AND it’s easier than you think! Come and meet Elly to find out how.

Becoming Us 2 hour Seed Planting Workshops

If you work with expecting or new parents in ANY professional capacity, you can learn how to plant powerful seeds that support mothers, fathers and partners to cope as individuals, pull together as a couple, and thrive as a family.

In this two hour interactive seminar you’ll discover:

  • That while we call it the “transition into parenthood”, there are actually more than eight (8!!!) major life transitions for mothers, fathers and families. You’ll learn what these transitions are and how you can use them in your role.

  • How the research and evidence-based Becoming Us approach can support you to work with individuals, couples or groups in a whole-family way to navigate the different transitions of parenthood, reduce risks for PMH issues and relationship problems and support families to thrive.

  • New brain research into learning and relationships that can make all the difference in your work.

  • Ways to work with the huge expectations and even bigger realities of parenthood.

  • How to design and plant a 3 part ‘Becoming Us’ seed for parents to grow their love as they go. You’ll see just how powerful this tool can be!

And the best bit? Seed planting only takes a moment for you - but can make a lifetime of difference for families.

U.S. Summer Seed Planting Tour, June 2019

Dates and locations coming soon. Please contact us below if you’d like to host Elly!

LOS ANGELES, CA - First week of June

DENVER, CO - Second week of June

CHICAGO, IL - Mid June. The Family Institute at Northwestern University, 618 Library Pl, Evanston, IL

NYC - 19th June, 6.30 pm. The Motherhood Center of New York, 205 Lexington Ave, 10th Floor. More details coming soon.

And SAVE THE DATE Portland, OR!

PORTLAND, OR - While Elly is in the U.S she will also be conducting a breakout session at the Postpartum Support International Conference on Sunday 30th June. See the PSI Conference website for more.

Australian Seed Planting Dates 2019

BRISBANE - APRIL, Wednesday 17, 2-5 pm. For bookings please contact Peachtree.

SYDNEY - August



PERTH - October

 Would you like Becoming Us to come to you?

Do you know a bunch of passionate helping professionals and have a space to hold them? Elly Taylor, founder of Becoming Us, loves travelling and teaching, so you can bring our Becoming Us Professional training to you! This could be a great opportunity to network and build relationships in your professional community. Let’s start a conversation below!

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