Becoming a Village Elder


In ancient cultures around the world, new parents were ushered into parenthood by Village Elders and more experienced parents.

If you're a helping professional and would like to facilitate this Becoming Us work with your clients run our Becoming Us Before Baby and After Baby classes for expecting and new parents in your community, consider becoming a Village Elder. Here are the steps:

Complete all three levels of the Becoming Us Professional Development Program, which runs 3 times per year (usually March, June and September). You can also enrol in each level separately at any time.

Submit your paperwork.

Meet with one of our Becoming Us Mentors who will help you understand what this work entails and be there to provide guidance going forward.

Schedule your Facilitator Interview with Elly Taylor.

We look forward to working with you.




Certify to run Becoming Us Reading Groups.




Certify to run the Becoming Us Before Baby and/or Becoming Us After Baby classes in your community, company or as a Babymoon retreat.





For psychologists, therapists and counsellors:

Certify to dive deeper into the Becoming Us stages and steps and integrate them into your indivudual sessions with clients.