Parenthood is both the biggest challenge - and most rewarding adventure - parents will ever experience.

It’s so much more than the most important job in the world. It’s life changing. World changing. And there’s nobody to guide parents through the journey.

Or is there?


Meeting the Need and Filling the Gaps

Do you know, either personally or professionally, that new parents, babies and families deserve more support?

Do you wish you could give more and help them more than you already do?

Do you wish you had more resources, tools and support to help fill those gaps and make an even greater difference?

You’re not alone. And the good news is that you can!

There are so many barriers to preparing parents well for parenthood - have you noticed them? There’s gaps in services, broken medical systems, a hyper-focus on birth and let’s just skip over everything that comes afterwards. There’s not enough funding or time allocated for this vital information in prenatal classes. This all means that it’s nobody’s role in our world today to prepare parents for the biggest life change they’re ever likely to experience.

This also means that any professional that parents meet on their parenthood journey instantly becomes a Very Important Person in their world. You have the potential to make a huge, meaningful and lasting difference for parents. So none of these barriers have to stop parents getting the preparation and support they both need and deserve.

If you’re already doing this work, thank you, you are making a big difference. The Becoming Us professional training is here to enhance your knowledge and skills to become even more of a VIP for parents.


Become A Professional Seed Planter

Expecting don’t know what they don’t know, but you might. Level I Becoming Us training is for any professional who works with or supports expecting or new parents. There are simple and easy ways to plant small seeds, anytime, anywhere, that can make a big difference for parents. Become a Professional Seed Planter.


Become a Parenthood Tour Guide

Without adequate preparation and support, many parents are feeling lost and alone. Level II Becoming Us training is for professionals who work with expecting parents, new parents or parents with older children. There are 8 evidence-based stages of parenthood that prepare and guide parents through the journey. Become a Parenthood Tour Guide. Level I Becoming Us training is a prerequisite for Level II.


Become A Village Elder

Some parents have it harder than others, but there’s hope and help for all. Level III training is professionals who work at the pointy end of parenthood with Perinatal Mental Health conditions or relationship distress. With support, parents can navigate these challenges in ways that bring them closer and create a more solid foundation for their family. Become a Village Elder. Level I and II Becoming Us training are prerequisites for Level III.